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Box of Music Movement

Box of Music Movement

Experiencing  jewellery is something that I have a thing for.  I am always looking for a fun character in the jewellery before adding it to my collection. With bright colours and statement sized pieces, Jewel Pitaraa proves that jewellery can be amusing too. Few weeks […]

Wire Wrapped Love | Featuring Niharika Shetty

Wire Wrapped Love | Featuring Niharika Shetty

In recent years, I have grown passionate about jewellery and this blog is all about it. With this I have found myself always looking out for something different and unique each day. In the recent fashion trend, not just materials but various techniques are being […]

The Lil Flea Edit

The Lil Flea Edit

As a kid, I always waited for local fairs that were held in my city every year. I think it was every twice a year. Seeing such diverse craft representing different cultures across the country was quite a thing for me. It made me more and more inclined towards arts.  Where once we had local fairs, now we have flea markets. They are just a bit more fancier and modern in their appeal. Being a metro city, Mumbai hosts these flea markets over the weekends with variety of food, drinks, live performances and open air movies. But still, my heart longs for those local fairs for the essence and impact it left with my childhood.

Recently, I visited the April edition of The Lil Flea  and got exposed to so many individual brands which do not have any kind of an online or offline presence in terms of store. Most of them are selling though social media. These were brands from across the country, majorly from Delhi and Ahmedabad according to my interaction to a few of them. Every bit of the place grabbed my attention. Be it people, food, drinks, lifestyle products, footwear, clothes, etc. anything big and small simply made me stop and capture. I had my eyes glittering with excitement. Being a jewellery blogger it was even more exciting because I could introduce myself to some brands which do have a presence on social media but I was not aware of those until now like Kitsch and Aadikara from Ahmedabad. There was one from Bikaner which displayed hand painted sterling silver jewellery.

Earrings made with Borosil glass by Aadikara

Hand painted jewellery from Bikaner

There were so many other creative brands too bringing the best of the best ideas turned into beautiful products. This place has so much of energy that no matter how overcrowded it gets, it is still worth it. It is so much fun to see people buying exclusive products, bargaining in such a polished manner and buying products at the right price. The priceless smiles are the best things. Imagine that feeling when you get just the right dress for your closet and the right jewellery for yourself. All these small and big emotions create a very lively ambience at such places and is indeed a nice stress bursting place.

Coming back to jewellery, I have curated some of the best jewellery concepts I came across at the flea from the contemporary world that simply left me with a must have feeling.


Today so many brands have grown through such flea markets. The Lil Flea and other flea markets are providing an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs to create a distinct and direct communication with the customers. It also helps them to understand the need and liking of their customers and get to work with challenges which not only helps them grow but also motivates them to be better each time. They are the biggest attraction for weekend getaways and shopping in metro cities as they curate everything from food to apparels to stationary at one place.

Recently, The Lil Flea is now being hosted in Delhi too. Just a personal suggestion, if you plan to shop, eat and relax then reach early preferably to avoid the crowd. Don’t let the over crowded situation let you judge the vibe. Looking forward for the next edition of The Lil Flea. See you soon.




Joy of Jewellery X Suprematism

Joy of Jewellery X Suprematism

  I must admit that I have a knack for jewellery which is individualistic in character, not only well expressed through its design language but also matches my personality. This only means that I am always on the look out for jewellery that has a […]

Mis-match is the new calling.

Mis-match is the new calling.

Earrings are the accessories you will often find me pick up from the shelves of different art centres, streets, stores and brands. They are a great medium which enables me to express my ten thousand moods and indeed my favourite category. Recently, I  came across […]

Zariin Girl Moment

Zariin Girl Moment

Most of us are on a shopping spree all round the year and when it is the season for sale, we girls go vroommm. But the only thing that makes me feel a bit better is that during sales I save a lot of time from standing in long queues for trial. Sale comes with a different meaning to me because, I buy jewellery !

By now if you’ve followed few articles then you must have realised my love for contemporary jewellery. I am so happy that I could finally share my reverse shopping routine with you all.  All I do is buy jewellery first and then queue up the other essentials.
Thats how this Aelia Chic Necklace from Zariin made it to my collection. Not to forget, Zariin is one of my favourite jewellery brands based in Delhi and it is amongst those few for which I personally want to visit Delhi. I totally love their design language and the individualistic character it resonates. I have been stalking their collection for a very long time until they called for a sale recently and I was like “bingooo!!!” .
PS : No paid promotion. I also paired Zariin with my best friends sisters dress which she planned to wear for a wedding. I have shared the pictures below.
Picture Courtesy : Zariin
My love for jewellery has not only helped me to start my passion for blogging in a more specific direction but is also helping to build my jewellery wardrobe and trust me it feels awesome when that one piece of beauty attracts all the attention so smoothly with really beautiful comments. It is how I also realised how easily contemporary jewellery speaks for itself.
Honestly, like how every one has a good hair day, I have a good jewellery day and I simply can’t stop clicking pictures. I styled my Zariin pendant with a plain white textured crop-top with my newly favourite black denim. Every time I wear it, makes me feel so new with same people complimenting about it.
I love it how such little piece of art makes me feel beautiful and how with my vision of photography I make it appear even more beautiful.

Say Yes to 3D printed jewellery !!!

Say Yes to 3D printed jewellery !!!

Documenting jewellery has always made me excited. It makes me travel to events and exhibitions and is a gateway to incredible experiences. Recently I got to visit India’s biggest 3D printing expo held at Nehru Science Centre where I got an opportunity to explore the […]

Cubism for the 21st Century Lady

Cubism for the 21st Century Lady

I started this blog a few month back because I wanted to express how individualistic I feel by styling a wearable art with my outfit. It is very rare to find people wearing bold jewellery  with minimal outfits. This is how I met Aishwarya Mirikar, […]

AKIHI – Textile X Handcrafted Jewellery

AKIHI – Textile X Handcrafted Jewellery

Akihi has a very beautiful meaning as it is the illimitable and instinctive pursuit within oneself, it means listening to directions and then walking off promptly forgetting them. AKIHI, a label founded by Srishti Arora in the royal lands of Jaipur is a perfect example to the explanation above as it creates a unique expression for the Indian textile that is adorned by the new age women. It is all about the intricate bead work with traditional hand embroidery giving a fine and beautiful twist to the jewellery. Srishti is a textile designer and has successfully mastered her skills with jewellery on silk crafting a perfect blend of patterns with sequins, beads and threads. We personally like her idea for branding it with a stamp behind the jewellery and the finish of course.

Srishti says, ‘ She is the most inspired when her hands are involved in the process of making and interacting with materials, and she can work intuitively while investigating new techniques masking behind age old traditional techniques’.

We got an opportunity to get some insights from her.

1. What is Akihi, as a label, all about?

Akihi creates an exceptional wearable expression for hand-embroideries. We make hand-crafted jewelry adorned with embroidered silk instead of gemstones.

2. When did you launch the label?

We launched our first collection in August 2017.

3. What inspired you to become a designer ?

It was born out of the deep-rooted love for my hometown and the range of craft traditions it offered, the city and its heritage have had an inimitable impact on my design sensibilities and aesthetics.

4. Who is your target market?

Anyone who appreciates and knows the value of handmade and handcrafted products.

5. How many exhibitions have you done and is part of which platforms?

Till now, no exhibitions. We are part of good stores across the country – Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore

6. What’s your favourite part of the jewellery ?

The hand-embroidered textile bit!

7. What jewellery trends do you predict for the coming year,2018 ?

Statement-making jewelry will be much in trend. Embellished ear-cuffs, bold neckpieces, arm cuffs will be popular.

8. Are you working on any special projects or designs at the moment?

Yes, we are working on new geometrical pattern range.

9. What’s your favourite piece from your archive?

10. Do you have a team? If yes, then how many people are a part of it?

We have a very small team, consisting of 3 karigars.

11) Do you have any advice for those hoping to break into the contemporary jewellery industry? 

Dream and go for it! Nothing should stop you.

12) What are your future goals?

I wish to continue creating unique products, keeping alive the soul of handmade.

Follow AKIHI on;

Instagram –

AKIHI is also available on Jaypore, Ogaan, Shopnimai, Paperboat, etc.

Let’s have a look at her work. 

Images sourced from


Krithaa, a unique blend of contemporary mechanism!

Krithaa, a unique blend of contemporary mechanism!

Being a Jewellery enthusiast, it has always been a hobby for me to explore and search new ways of adorning myself with various forms of contemporary art. In order to fulfil my desire for something irregular and exclusive, I encountered Krithaa at Kalaghoda early during […]